Morice Benin
- Drôme Provençale, France

For over 40 years, Morice Benin, an activist in fraternity and political protest, has performed just about everywhere in the world, but outside of traditional production channels.

Listening to Morice BENIN’s songs is like bathing in a cool river that flows through the middle of an oasis crushed by the sun. Morice captivates us with his firm voice, and a natural ease to talk about us, himself , our world , and our lives, with modesty and sincerity outside of what he calls “the great masses of fast-food music halls” in his record “Maquis”.

He covers a variety of topics, such as his roots in Casablanca where he was born in 1947 (“Fils de la vie”), he pays tribute to the women crushed under the yoke of men (“Mère au foyer”). Morice takes us on a poetic journey to Brittany (“Breizh ardente”), or denounces the silence surrounding the sufferings of the Chechen people (“Là-bas, vers le Caucase”), or new songs like “Infiniment”.

Anger and revolt against injustice and stupidity are never far in his songs, when man is oppressed or the earth is violated, because Morice preaches brotherhood. But the quiet wisdom of the years has taken over from the impetuous violence of his words.

Morice has a concise and poetic hand, an interpretation which goes right to the heart, with his accomplice Dominique Dumont’s classical guitar.

In 1973, Morice sang to 150,000 pacifists on the Larzac Plateau to protest against the establishment of a military camp, and became one of the singers of the protest generation, with Colette Magny, Lavilliers, Le Forestier, and François Béranger, who he remains close to.

This was the start of his tours in France and abroad. His flagship disk remains “Je vis”, no doubt due to the impact of “Larzac” in 1974 with 100,000 copies sold without any media coverage.

Morice’s impressive discography can be found on the site

In his adventure in Esperanto with the album “In- spir’”, Morice said:
Esperanto is an old idea that has a sharp tongue.
But no matter, it has the freshness of its first convictions! It is a “primrose”, it is “premonitious”.
It will not concede anything to its “urgent patience”.
It is awaiting its moment.
And planetary events have suddenly seemed to prove it right, even if its spread, for now, remains confidential.
It also knows it would lose its soul to try to measure up to any other linguistic competition for hegemony and power....”
Morice Benin, November 7, 2001.

Morice Benin made some very popular appearances on the Esperanto stage, the two most recent of which were at the FESTO Festival in Pont de Barré (Drôme Provençale) in 2014, and at the Esperanto World Congress at the Palais des Congrès in Lille in 2015 (both in France).

With his latest opus L’inspiré, entre les lignes (inspired, between the lines) released in 2017, Morice Benin brings a very particular touch to French song. True to his humanistic commitments, making reality vibrate. He renders the moment incandescent and reminds us that humankind, to remain alive, can only be in perpetual quest, questioning the world the better to find themselves....

17 years after the release of the album In-spir’, Morice Benin surprises us again with Esperanto. It is here, with the collaboration of the association SAT-Amikaro (who funded the recording of the song) and independent labels Fanal and Vinilkosmo, that the single Espéranto ou tard, with a single song in French about Esperanto and its instrumental version for karaoke, is released in July 2018.

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